The power of a choice.

IMG_8205Change. It starts with just one small choice. Eventually all those small choices add up and you start to see change in your life. Eventually that change becomes habit and an area of strength in your life (assuming you’ve made positive change, it swings both ways). Once you’ve grown strong in one area, you’ll find you’ll oftentimes have more time and energy to work on other areas of your life that could use more discipline. Each goal is a process, and the process almost always takes time and even a lot of work on our part. But I find 100% of the time that the work, time and efforts are always worth it in the end, and often define who we are in the process.

As we head into another week, maybe you’re looking at the big picture and what seems like the monstrosity of the battle or task that lies before you. I get it. How easy it can be as wives and mothers in the thick of raising littles to feel the pressure to be and do better. Maybe you’re playing the ugly comparison game, wondering how in the world your life will ever be as seemingly balanced as the ones you see on social media. Or maybe you have that person in your life that seems to excel in an area you so desire to master, but you just can’t seem to get there. Maybe your mountain doesn’t look like  loads of housework, financial struggles, challenges in child rearing or a low time in your marriage. Maybe your struggle has rocked the very core of your being, causing turbulence or trauma to your emotions or maybe your mountain seems downright unsurpassable.

No matter where you’re at, or what your situation is, I challenge you to make a positive choice in just one area of your life today. Don’t look at tomorrow, or the coming week, or the coming year. Take a deep breath and focus on today. Are you like me and have a goal weight you want to reach? Make a healthy meal choice today or maybe take a walk. Feeling down? Diffuse an uplifting essential oil (Bergamot + Lime is a favorite go-to here) and get out in the sunshine for a bit today. Drowning in debt? Make a simple choice not to buy out of convenience today and take a day or two to decide if you really need it. Discouraged in parenting? Search for a good parenting podcast, YouTube video or support group to encourage your heart today. Feeling lonely? Reach out to someone you love to setup a coffee or dinner date. Need a miracle in your body? Start speaking it forth all throughout your day and see how God moves. There’s so much power in your thought and the words you speak forth.

What is your motivation today? Let’s determine to make those goals and dreams a reality in our lives one baby step at a time until good habits are formed. Let’s determine in our hearts to conquer the fear that holds us back and break the cycle that binds us one day, one small choice at a time.